Prosecutors claim Parnas deliberately violated US laws, WP told

WASHINGTON, Oct 14 The prosecution claims that Lev Parnas, a businessman and a native of the former USSR, who was accused in the United States of illegal donations to American politicians, knew that he was breaking the law and deliberately continued the illegal transfer of funds, according to the Washington Post. in New York on Wednesday said that Parnas and Andrei Kukushkin, also accused of illegal donations, knew that they had violated US laws when transferring funds. She also promised to provide evidence, including in the form of messages and emails. Parnas' attorney Joseph Bondi, however, said that the businessman intended to enlist support in the United States for projects in which he was involved, but did not know that he was breaking the law. USA Lev Parnas, Igor Fruman, Andrey Kukushkin and David Korria (the first three – immigrants from the USSR, natives of Ukraine and Belarus) are accused of illegal donations to American politicians on behalf of unnamed Ukrainian officials and a Russian businessman. According to some media reports, the headquarters of former US President Donald Trump could also be the recipient of the money. In addition, it is alleged that Parnas and Fruman helped Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani conduct his own investigation into the activities of former Vice President Joe Biden and his family in Ukraine. Parnas' lawyer published a video in which he communicates with Trump

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