The cost of living will increase in Moscow

MOSCOW, October 14. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has increased the living wage for Moscow residents from January 1, 2022, now it will be 18,714 rubles per capita, according to the Moscow government decree. “In accordance with Article 4 of the Federal Law of October 24, 1997 No. 134-FZ” On the cost of living in the Russian Federation “The Moscow government decides to establish the cost of living in the city of Moscow for 2022 per capita – 18,714 rubles, for the working-age population – 21,371 rubles, for pensioners – 14,009 rubles, for children – 16,174 In accordance with the previous decree, in 2021 the level of the subsistence minimum per capita in Moscow was 18,029 rubles per capita. In 2021, the per capita subsistence level was 18,029 rubles. for the working-age population – 20 589 rubles. For pensioners – 13 496 rubles and for children – 15 582 rubles. It is noted that the new resolution will come into force on January 1 next year, control over implementation is entrusted to the Deputy Mayor for Social Development Anastasia Rakova. The deputy named the optimal size of the living wage

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