The Supreme Court refused to reconsider the case of the Karelian historian Yuri Dmitriev, who was sentenced to 13 years in a strict regime colony

The Supreme Court (SC) refused to appeal to the historian and head of the Karelian branch of Article The Supreme Court of Karelia has toughened the sentence to the historian Dmitriev from 3.5 to 13 years. How did it happen

In September, the Supreme Court decided to re-examine the case of Dmitriev, who was found guilty of violent acts of a sexual nature (parts 3, 4 of Article 132 of the Criminal Code).

In 2016, cases were initiated against the historian for the production of child pornography (clause “c” of part 2 of Article 242.2 of the Criminal Code) and lecherous actions (Article 135 of the Criminal Code) due to photographs with a naked adopted daughter. Two years later, he was acquitted under these articles and found guilty of illegal possession of weapon parts (Article 222 of the Criminal Code). The court sentenced him to 2.5 years of restriction of freedom.

The defense insisted that the historian took pictures of his daughter in order to record the physical development of the child for the guardianship authorities. According to Dmitriev, he was advised to photograph his daughter at special training courses for adoptive parents. Pediatricians in court confirmed that such a practice exists.

Later, the acquittal was canceled, and the historian was sent to a pre-trial detention center on a new criminal case of sexual assault.

In July 2020, Dmitriev was assigned 3.5 years in a maximum security colony, but two months later the sentence was increased to 13 years in a maximum security colony. The Third General Jurisdiction Court of Cassation upheld the judgment.

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