Zakharova warned Ukraine against actions against Poklonskaya

MOSCOW, October 14. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova warned Kiev against actions against Natalia Poklonskaya, who was appointed ambassador to Cape Verde. As the diplomat wrote on her Telegram channel, the Ukrainian authorities should first try to apply national justice in the country, and then “take up Africa.” . Threats to Ukraine Earlier, the former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Gunduz Mammadov said that Kiev could begin to prepare documents for the “extradition” of Poklonskaya after her appointment as Russian ambassador to Cape Verde. about the “criminal activities” of Poklonskaya. Also, the Ukrainian diplomat said that the new ambassador “will not be able to hide even in Africa.” The Diplomatic Academy advised Poklonskaya to learn the Portuguese language She noted that she had already completed an internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and courses at a diplomatic academy. “I was waiting for this appointment. I like this job. <...> My dream of diplomatic work has come true,” she noted. Prior to this, Poklonskaya was a deputy of the State Duma of the seventh convocation, in 2014-2016 she held the post of prosecutor of the Republic of Crimea. Mikhail Troyansky, Vice-Rector of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry, told RIA Novosti, Poklonskaya is suitable for working as an ambassador to Cape Verde, she has the necessary qualities for this. Among personal qualities, Troyansky highlighted the fact that Poklonskaya is a very interesting, knowledgeable person, persistent, inquisitive, very proactive and at the same time a modest woman. The Chairman of the Public Chamber of Crimea Alexander Formanchuk also congratulated Poklonskaya on her new appointment, noting that she received a “prize” for her work for the peninsula after reunification with Russia. Biography of Natalia Poklonskaya

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