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Guardian: scientists have calculated the frequency of re-infections with coronavirus

MOSCOW, 23 October. Scientists have calculated the frequency of re-infection with coronavirus, reports The Guardian. In particular, it is indicated that unvaccinated people are at risk of contracting coronavirus every year and a half or more. Last year, most experts considered re-infection of COVID-19 an exception due to the small number recorded cases, but later it became clear that the resulting immunity weakens over time. According to a study by Danish doctors, people under the age of 65 were protected from re-infection with coronavirus by 80% within six months, while patients older than this age – only 47%. At the same time, experts from the Yale University School of Medicine, analyzing a database of different types of COVID-19, built a model of the likelihood of re-infection with coronavirus, which showed that in the absence of vaccines and non-compliance with antioxidant measures, on average, a person would fall ill every three months. Scientists have warned of a dangerous mutation of the delta strain of coronavirus The situation is also complicated by the constant emergence of new strains of coronavirus. So, among 20 thousand British residents who tested positive for COVID-19 between July 2020 and September 2021, 296 cases of re-infection were detected, and the average time between the first and subsequent infection was only about six months, indicates the edition.


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