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Motorists were reminded when to change tires for winter

Summer tires in winter are a big risk of getting into an accident.

Every responsible motorist closely follows the dates of the car's tire change. A tire worn out for the weather will wear out faster and also increase the risk of an accident. Winter tires differ from summer tires in softer material and a deep tread pattern.

Why is it important to change tires on time

Some drivers are frivolous about changing tires and continue to ride summer tires until the new year. Untimely tire change can lead to an accident. In addition, such a driver may receive a fine.

A summer tire becomes less stable at low temperatures. As a result, road grip deteriorates and the car can “skid”. Such rubber can burst during the trip, creating a dangerous situation on the road.

When to change tires for winter in Ukraine in 2021

The law does not set a mandatory tire change date. To switch to winter tires, drivers need to be guided by the weather. It is necessary to change tires when the air temperature for several days will not exceed + 5 … + 7 degrees.

Such cold periods are not expected in October. Therefore, Ukrainians are recommended to change tires in early or mid-November. You need to change all four tires at once.

Winter tires can wear out at too high a temperature if you “change shoes” too early. However, wear will be significant at temperatures from +20 degrees, which almost never happens in October.

When to change tires for winter ones according to the law of Ukraine

In Ukraine, there are penalties for driving a car out of order, including out-of-season tires. According to Art. 121 KuoAP and SDA (clause 31.4.5), a fine can be received if:

  • tire tread height is less than permissible (1.6 mm for cars up to 3.5 tons, 1 mm for cars over 3.5 tons, 2 mm for buses, 0.8 mm for motorbikes).
  • there are cracks and damage on the rubber;
  • the size, load index and type of tires do not correspond to the gross curb weight of the car;
  • tires of different designs are installed on one axle of the car;
  • on individual axles, tires with and without studs are used.

Please note that different countries may have different tire seasonality requirements.


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