GENERICO.ruWorld"Prosperity of Europe". Ukraine hopes to join the EU and NATO

“Prosperity of Europe”. Ukraine hopes to join the EU and NATO

KIEV, 23 oct. Ukraine's membership in the European Union and NATO is only a matter of time, Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said in an interview published by the Polish Institute of International Relations. “I am convinced that in the future Ukraine will become a member of these organizations. They are an institutional manifestation of the free world, and Ukraine is it protected freedom and democracy, “Kuleba said.” Thus, it is a matter of time before it can take full responsibility for the security and prosperity of Europe. We are actively moving towards the EU and NATO, realizing the policy direction determined by the constitution and the foreign policy strategy. ” – he added. “Of course, we have many problems that need to be solved, as in any state. However, in historical terms, if we talk about statehood as a whole, the last thirty years have been a period of great success for us. years Ukraine has turned from a former Soviet republic into an ambitious European state. We have a live demo Cratia, we believe in democratic values, we form power democratically and enjoy freedom of speech. Our strength is also a civil society that actively participates in public life and enjoys the right to peaceful protest. When we look around Ukraine, to the north and east, we realize that our state is a stronghold of freedom and democracy, “the Ukrainian minister concluded. Russia will not be able to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO, Stoltenberg said


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