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The lawyer told why Montenegro will not extradite Ismailov to Russia

BELGRADE, 23 oct. The approved request for political asylum of businessman Telman Ismailov in Montenegro is justified, it contains thousands of pages, the businessman cannot be extradited to Russia, Montenegrin lawyer of the entrepreneur Milos Vuksanovich told RIA Novosti. Russian lawyer of the ex-owner of the Cherkizovsky market Marina Rusakova told RIA Novosti on the eve of her client released from arrest, he received political asylum in Montenegro and “cannot be extradited to Russia.” extradition isolation ward. According to a partially published court decision, the entrepreneur was granted asylum in Montenegro due to “political persecution” in the Russian Federation. and the international protection itself implies the abolition of extradition arrest for my client, since persons under protection cannot be extradited, “the lawyer told the agency. to prosecute. In early October, the billionaire was arrested by the Podgorica court, and he and his brother Vagif were put on the international wanted list. In Russia, they were charged with murder and illegal arms trafficking, and the court arrested them in absentia. The investigation considers Telman Ismailov to be the organizer of the murders of two entrepreneurs, the perpetrator of the crime, Mehman Kerimov, was sentenced to 13 years in a strict regime colony. Talking about torture in Russian prisons seeks asylum from Paris, AFP said


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