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Artist Strugachev told why he is grateful to Rogozhkin

MOSCOW, October 24. Pictures of Alexander Rogozhkin helped many actors become famous, People's Artist of Russia Semyon Strugachev told RIA Novosti. One of his roles was Leva Soloveichik in “Peculiarities of the National Hunt.” Rogozhkin died at the age of 73. He is known as the director of such films as “Peculiarities of the National Hunt”, “Peculiarities of the National Fishing”, “Cuckoo”, “Checkpoint.” , which was very close to me and my friends. At one time we communicated very closely, one might say, were friends … Films shot by Rogozhkin will remain for many years, because these are already cult films, “Strugachev said. The actor added that when the film crew just started filming “Peculiarities of the National Hunt” and “Peculiarities of the National Fishing”, no one could have thought that the pictures would gain great fame. “We did not think that this would happen, but, fortunately, the pictures became very popular. Thanks to Rogozhkin I am grateful that I met such a director on my way. If not for him, then maybe the people would not have recognized either me or many of us. everything is only thanks to this person, “Strugachev added. He also said that several years ago, together with actor Andrei Fedortsov, he persuaded Rogozhkin to shoot the sequel to” Features “20 years later, but he did not agree, saying that the new movie would definitely not be better than that has already been filmed. Died director of “Peculiarities of the National Hunt” Alexander Rogozhkin


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