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Forbes spoke about NATO's special operation near Russian borders

F-16 fighter MOSCOW, October 24. The US Air Force, as part of training in the event of a war with Moscow, sent F-16 fighters to the airfield closest to the Russian borders on Shemya Island. Forbes magazine expert David Ax told about this. The material says that since May this year, the command of the US Air Force has been conducting exercises in Alaska. The main task is to practice landing and takeoff at as many small airfields as possible. NATO called on to prepare for war with Russia in Eastern Europe “These exercises were a rehearsal of a full-scale war with Russia. The Air Force expects that in wartime the Russians will attack large bases with ballistic and cruise missiles,” the expert explained in the article. So, in the event of a conflict, the Air Force can ensure that at least some of the aircraft survive the bombing and can fight back. The author of the text noted that the military base on Shemya Island is located in the ideal location for intercepting Russian military aircraft over the waters of the Bering Sea. “This island is only 200 miles (322 kilometers) away. from the Russian coast. No other US airfield or aircraft carrier can place planes so close to Russia, “Forbes said. According to Ax, the flight to Shemya Island is risky, since the airfield is remote, and the pilots will have to fight with constant fogs and storms. “They won't stop.” What can Russia expect from NATO in the Black Sea


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