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Muscovites were advised to abandon personal cars due to frost

MOSCOW, October 24. The Moscow Department of Transport advised Muscovites to abandon private cars on Monday night and in the morning due to frosts. It is noted that the first frosts are expected in Moscow at night. Thermometer columns will show minus one – minus three degrees, ice may form on the roads. “The data center advises drivers to refuse to travel in private cars at night and in the morning and, if necessary, use public transport. If you sit behind the wheel, keep your distance and avoid sudden maneuvers “, – said in the message of the Department of Transport. It is emphasized that the use of summer tires in such conditions is dangerous and can lead to an accident. , the temperature can drop to minus 3, in the morning a crust of ice of 1-2 millimeters will appear on the roads. The features of driving a car in the autumn-winter period are named


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