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People's deputies responded when they release the Ukrainian vaccine against coronavirus

A year ago, the first results of preclinical trials of a Ukrainian vaccine against coronavirus were presented to President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

However, there is still no drug, as well as information about the reasons for the failure of its developers, reports with reference to.

Journalists interviewed parliament members and learned about when, in their opinion, the Ukrainian vaccine against coronavirus will appear.

Deputy of the Servant of the People faction Daniil Getmantsev said that he was not involved in vaccines.

“If I was engaged in a vaccine, then it would definitely already be”,

– assured Getmantsev.

His parliamentary colleague Kira Rudyk (“The Voice”) said that very little money had been allocated for the Ukrainian vaccine.

“I'm not sure that we will be able to have a Ukrainian vaccine in the near future. On the one hand, the government says that it needs to be done, and on the other hand, it allocates funds that are absolutely not enough, and most importantly, to test and do all the research, ”

– said Rudyk.

Iryna Vereshchuk, a deputy of the Servant of the People faction, openly admitted that there is no need to wait for a Ukrainian vaccine this year.

“This year we are not doing well. But is there a need to make exactly the Ukrainian vaccine if we can use a sufficient amount of the vaccine that we already have? “

– Asked a rhetorical question Vereshchuk.

Andrei Nikolayenko , deputy of the Batkivshchyna party, noted that the Ukrainian vaccine will not appear under this government.

“If we wanted to do it, we would have done it last year. Ukrainian scientists were ready for this. Personally, my friend and colleague Sergei Taruta communicated with the scientists of the Academy of Sciences who were ready to do this. But this requires funding, a clear plan of action, a responsible government. And then everything works. But, unfortunately, we have it differently “,

– said Nikolaenko.

Deputy of the Servant of the People faction Mykola Tishchenko sincerely does not understand why the Ukrainian vaccine against coronavirus is needed.

“Why is she? They are working on it, but now we have no time to wait. Therefore, I believe that it is more expedient to buy the vaccine that shows results in the world ”,

– the people's deputy explained his position.

Yuriy Pavlenko, a member of the OLEZ party, said bluntly: despite what the current government is doing, the Ukrainian vaccine will never appear.

“The way the Ukrainian authorities do it … It will never appear. I do not believe in their ability to organize this. And secondly, the budget that we are considering in the Rada does not give any prospects for creating a Ukrainian vaccine, ”

– he declared.

His parliamentary colleague Sergei Shakhov (the Doverie deputy group) believes that the drug will appear when the Ministry of Health starts thinking about people.

“And not about the money that is now earning on human lives, human deaths,”

– said Shakhov.

Health Minister Viktor Lyashko on the sidelines of the Rada answered the question in more detail when the Ukrainian vaccine against coronavirus will appear.

“We started production. You must understand what production is. The Research Foundation has funded two research institutes to develop a vaccine. We have launched a bioplaster that will do the production of biological and diagnostic tests. We worked with the business, and in Ukraine, the installation of clinics for the production of vaccines began on the territory of Ukraine. Further, the mechanism of purchasing this vaccine for use on the territory of our state is included. The work is moving in this “,

– assured the minister.


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