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The expert spoke about the increase in pensions in November

MOSCOW, October 24. In 2021, the amount of old-age insurance payments reached 6044.48 rubles. From November, people who turned 80 in October will be able to receive double the amount of this insurance payment, namely 12,088.96 rubles. Elena Grigorieva, Deputy Dean of the RUDN University Faculty of Economics, said this in an interview with the Prime agency. indexation of pensions of working pensioners.

“But if a pensioner finished working this year and went on vacation not earlier than July, then he will receive payments: a recalculation of insurance payments for old age, which will include all indexations that he missed, being employed,” said Grigorieva.

In addition, former pilots and miners are also entitled to a planned increase in pensions, the expert continued. So, since February 1 of this year, the average amount of additional payments for this group of pensioners has increased. Until April 30, pilots received 12,475.83 rubles, and miners – 3852.36 rubles. These copays are subject to revision every three months. It should also happen on November 1, Grigorieva recalled. The expert recalled the citizens who can retire early


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