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USA imported tens of millions of used nitrile gloves

WASHINGTON, Oct 24. Tens of millions of used nitrile gloves were imported into the United States from Thailand, according to CNN, citing its own investigation. According to the TV channel, amid the pandemic and increased demand for gloves in Thailand, clandestine enterprises have emerged, where used products are given a pristine appearance, and then sent to other countries. Authorities in the United States and Thailand have already begun investigations, CNN notes. In February and March of this year, one of the American companies contacted the US Customs and FDA after receiving a shipment of contaminated kind of gloves from Thailand. However, according to CNN, the Thai firm continued to carry out deliveries thereafter until at least July. The FDA told the TV channel that it would not comment on individual cases, but “are taking a number of steps to find and stop those who sell inappropriate products.” after the company received complaints from American entrepreneurs, the Thai health regulator has conducted at least 10 raids against used glove traders in recent months, the channel noted. Gloves are sometimes washed by hand, then dyed with food dyes and dried in clothes dryers, the agency told CNN. in American ports. In a hospital in the Altai Territory, surgeons received tearing gloves


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