GENERICO.ruWorldMedia reported the arrest of seven Greek police officers who shot a man

Media reported the arrest of seven Greek police officers who shot a man

ATHENS, 24 Oct. The story of the police pursuit of car thieves in Athens and the death of one of the latter received an unexpected In the hijacking of the car, the criminals rammed five police motorcycles, seven police officers were injured, the police used weapons, and the driver of the car was killed, one of the passengers was injured, and another fled. As it turned out, the car was stolen. Later it became known that the killed – a 20-year-old Roma, who was driving with two 16-year-old teenagers in a stolen car, TV channel Skai reports, noting that the Roma community is demanding justice and declaring intentional reprisals. The media accused the police of unprofessionalism, pointing out that they were shot 38 times. The published records of the police negotiations with the operations center refute the official statement by the Greek police that the police were injured. According to the entry, “there are no injured.” “Seven police officers were arrested as part of a red-handed arrest procedure and brought before a prosecutor who is expected to investigate whether they acted in self-defense or whether it was a case of police violence,” the station reported. The police are being held at the Attica Police Headquarters, and on Wednesday they are to provide an explanation of the charges of premeditated murder, attempted murder with intent, and the use of weapons. A ballistic report is expected to help identify which police officers used weapons and who fired the fatal shots. The station also reported that the police ignored six or seven orders from the operations center to stop the persecution, as it was deemed dangerous on busy roads. However, it is possible that the police either did not hear the orders, or decided to continue the pursuit, ignoring them, according to the channel. One of the seven police officers, according to Skai, said that the life of his colleague was in danger, as a result of which they were forced to shoot. ” We fired when the driver rammed the motorcycles. We tried to stop the car of the criminals, “he said. Citizen Protection Minister Panagiotis Theodorikakos instructed the police leadership to conduct an internal investigation into the actions of the police officers involved in the incident within five days. The most stolen cars in 2021 are named


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