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Russians warned of unexpected dangers of milk

MOSCOW, October 25. Drinking milk with lactose intolerance can lead to aging of the skin of the face, warned in an interview with AiF plastic surgeon Liya Gavasheli. According to her, many people face a similar problem. “Lactose intolerance on our planet suffers a huge number of people. of them, the diagnosis was made in childhood. A similar diagnosis is expressed in symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, flatulence after eating any dairy products, “Gavasheli said. At the same time, the doctor warned that in some people the consequences of lactose intolerance are not so pronounced , but drinking milk leads to aging of the facial skin. “Nutritionists have long noticed that people who abuse milk often have swollen upper eyelids, bags or pigmentation under the eyes, are prone to puffiness and acne even in adulthood,” she explained Gavasheli The plastic surgeon also noted that milk lovers almost always have problems with excess their weight. The doctor denies the most popular myth about milk


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