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The nutritionist told how often you can eat chicken

Some people are better off skipping chicken.

Chicken meat is readily available and relatively inexpensive, but daily consumption of chicken meat can lead to eating disorders. In addition, chicken becomes especially dangerous if it is treated with chemicals or if parasites have entered its body. In this case, the internal organs of the bird are most affected.

Nutritionist Oksana Grinkov told how to choose the right chicken, how often you can eat it and how best to cook it in order to get the maximum of nutrients.

Which part of the chicken is best to buy

It is safest to buy chicken fillets. It is of sufficient quality. Fillets are best boiled or baked. Be sure to soak the meat before cooking.

The quality of chicken can only be determined when the meat is vacuum packed. It is better to take a manufacturer whom you know for sure – this way you are more likely to buy a fresh product.

How much chicken can you eat per week

Chicken meat contains a lot of high-quality protein, but a nutritionist does not recommend eating it every day. Enough 2-3 times a week.

According to Grinkov, the body needs a variety of foods. If the diet becomes monotonous, then this can lead to eating disorders.

What is the best way to cook chicken

Most of the protein and beneficial properties remain in boiled chicken. However, you can bake it, steam it or in a slow cooker. The nutritionist recommends to refuse fried chicken meat. With this cooking method, the product has a high additional fat content.

Who is not allowed to eat chicken meat

If the chicken is of high quality, properly cooked and the person does not experience any discomfort after taking it, absolutely everyone can use the product. The only exception is gastric tract diseases. In some cases, the consumption of chicken should be minimized, in others – completely excluded from the diet.


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