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A new mayor is elected in Kharkiv: all candidates

10 candidates are competing for the position of the head of the city.

Polling stations in Kharkov opened on October 31 at 8:00. Voting will last until 20:00. Then the election commissions will immediately start counting ballots, reports with reference to.

The residents of Kharkiv who came to the elections must put a tick, plus or cross in front of the surname of the politician whom they support.

In what order will the candidates be

  • Velichkov Viktor Nikolaevich – retired from Lozovaya, self-nominated;
  • Dobkin Mikhail Markovich – advisor to the public organization “Our House Kharkov”, self-nominated;
  • Marinin Dmitry Alekseevich – postgraduate student of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine, self-nominated candidate;
  • Mustafayeva Alina Elmanovna – director of the company “Ecocar”, self-nominated;
  • Nemichev Konstantin Vitalievich – chairman of the Kharkov branch of the “National Corps”, self-nominated;
  • Pletnev Vladimir Vasilievich – lawyer, from the “Party of Sharia”;
  • Ryapolov Sergey Anatolyevich – temporarily unemployed, self-nominated;
  • Skorik Alexander Alekseevich – General Director of the MK Myasnoy company, from the European Solidarity party;
  • Terekhov Igor Aleksandrovich – secretary of the city council, from the party “Kernes' bloc – successful Kharkov”;
  • Yaroslavsky Denis Igorevich – lawyer of LLC “Kharkov Design Institute”, self-nominated candidate.
  • Even the sick can vote

    • According to official data, there are 605 polling stations in Kharkiv. 55 of them are in medical institutions.
    • Patients in inpatient wards can vote without any pre-written application. To vote, they only need to come to the polling station that opened in the hospital.
    • Those who cannot walk will vote in bed. Ballot papers and ballot boxes will be brought to them directly into the wards.

    How to vote in the elections to mayors of Kharkiv

    To be allowed to vote, Kharkiv residents must come to the polling stations at their place of registration. It is imperative to have a passport and a medical mask with you – no one has canceled quarantine standards for the duration of the elections.

    In order not to get sick with COVID-19, city residents must also maintain social distance.

    In addition, all precincts must be provided with personal protective equipment for TEC employees, as well as voters.

    Election of the mayor of Kharkiv in 2021: the main thing

    • In the local elections on October 25, 2020, Gennady Kernes was elected mayor of Kharkiv for the third time. This was not prevented by the fact that the politician had not been in public since August 2020.
    • The first meeting of the new convocation of the Kharkiv City Council on December 9, 2020 was held without the mayor. Its representatives promised that the newly elected mayor will appear towards the end of the month.
    • On December 17, 2020, Gennady Kernes died in a German clinic from complications from the coronavirus.
    • Kharkiv City Council only on February 24, 2021 officially terminated Kernes's powers as mayor of the city.
    • The Verkhovna Rada on March 30, 2021 approved the bill on the election of the mayor of Kharkiv. Also approved the date when the vote will take place.


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