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Masha Efrosinina and Olya Polyakova revealed their secrets of youth

The stars talked frankly about their appearance and self-acceptance.

Masha Efrosinina and Olya Polyakova in the new issue of the Adult Girls YouTube project spoke frankly about how they support youth. The 42-year-old TV presenter and 37-year-old singer cannot do without Botox injections and often use filters on Instagram.

“I have been doing Botox since I was 23,” Polyakova admitted. – Now – once every 8 months. I have nothing else in my face. I don’t do threads, I don’t do mesotherapy. I have very large facial features, and if I start doing hyaluron, I will look like a woman bitten by bees. But if you say that I am not doing anything with my face, it would be a complete lie. “

The singer said that she is a fan of hardware cosmetology, and before leaving for the shooting, she made a face massage and an expensive collagen mask at the beautician. However, she denied that she enlarged her lips or cheekbones.

“My lips and cheekbones have never changed, but I do so many facial treatments. I do not go to the frame without a procedure, – says the singer. – Everything that you see, I prepare for this for about 3 hours, always, before any shooting.

Efrosinina also admitted that she has been doing Botox since she was 20, and has also enlarged her upper lip.

“For the last 5 years I have a problem – I have developed immunity to botulinum toxin, and it doesn’t take me. I inject xeomin, and he practically does not take me either. Partly for this reason, I cut my bangs, because my forehead “walks” all over my face and all over my head, ”said the presenter.

Also, the participants in the show admitted that they process photos in social networks and go on air on Instagram with filters.


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