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Named products that worsen complexion

The complexion betrays the wrong nutrition.

What can you do to eat tasty and look good? Nutritionist Anna Melnik told about this, reports with reference to.

Everything should be reasonable, in moderation and as natural as possible. Saying “sensible nutrition”, people usually try to exclude what gastroenterologists often talk about: fatty, fried, salty, smoked. But we are not talking about diet, but only some restrictions.

Girls who want to be very beautiful, young and slender will certainly exclude all fats, which makes them look bad, because they deprive themselves of the building material for the same cell membranes – there is nothing to synthesize fatty acids for digesting food. That is, the meager diet that they still have and are not digested. Therefore, the face is not only pale, but also gray with green and bruises under the eyes. Dark circles under the eyes can often indicate a lack of iron. Trying to lose weight for beauty, girls lose this beauty.

There is a version that milk and dairy products spoil the complexion very much, and they should be abandoned altogether. But if we are talking about natural milk and lactic acid cheeses of proper quality, then everything is individual. If a person has always drank milk and has enough enzymes, then milk will not hurt.

Salt affects the appearance, in particular the skin around the eyes, but this is indirect. It overloads the body with fluid, from which bags under the eyes are formed – they will pass, but the stretched skin will remain. Salt dehydrates the body, and you should not completely eliminate salt from the diet. It is better to choose iodized salt, sea salt, Himalayan salt – now there are many salts rich in microelements, and, of course, it is worth adding salt to foods with them, because we also need these elements.

Coffee contains cortisol, stimulates the sebaceous glands and inflammation, and reduces the absorption of vitamin C. But in order to get such results from drinking coffee, you need to drink 5-7 cups daily. And we always say: what is too much is not healthy. If you are afraid of the harm from coffee, drink water before coffee to neutralize its effects. And do not drink coffee on an empty stomach, because if you constantly irritate your stomach, then your digestion and metabolism will be disturbed, and of course, your skin will look worse.

Gluten is actually gluten. It slightly impairs the absorption of nutrients and, in some people, can damage the intestinal mucosa, causing inflammation. But again, for gluten to cause inflammation of the intestines, you need to dislike your body for many years, start it up so that it no longer works properly and normally, because gluten is a fairly natural product. And it is not recommended to abuse foods that contain gluten.

It is believed that eating a lot of red meat causes a lot of free radicals and aging in general. In fact, there are a lot of free radicals everywhere, in particular, endogenous ones – so many of them are formed in our body, and from the outside we get them in abundance in our ecology every day, so it is unlikely that if you eat a lot of red meat, this will greatly change the situation. These rumors may arise because after the holidays, after kebabs, when there was a lot of red meat, a person can really feel bad. This is an overload on the body, so it is harmful.

It is also said that black tea, due to its tannin content, dehydrates the skin and gives an unhealthy complexion, but this, again, when consumed 5-7 cups a day. When I was on a business trip in Uzbekistan, they drank not water, but tea, and they served it in cups, and with teapots – this is a big teapot for everyone, and there are several such teas a day. There I did not see a single person with decent skin – yes, it is darker, but very dry and wrinkled. This is influenced by many factors, but tea is certainly among them.

A product that is unambiguously harmful to health, skin, and overall appearance is sugar . It blocks B vitamins, so the nervous system works worse, digestive disorders begin, in which assimilation is impaired, general fatigue occurs, and the like. This affects both the muscles and the skin. Sugar causes acne and breaks down collagen, the protein that holds the skin's structure. Behind the skin we can see that we have problems with the cardiovascular system. There is no point in going to a beautician and buying expensive decorative cosmetics, because we are actually aging from the inside.


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