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New COVID-19 outbreak in China: people stock up on food

Residents of China massively resort to shopping for basic necessities, which causes a sharp rise in prices.

China has recorded a new outbreak of coronavirus. The National Health Commission today confirmed 93 new COVID cases identified, which is the highest in the last three months in the country.

It is worth noting that the day before, 54 COVID infections were recorded in China, which was the maximum since the beginning of September, and today this figure has almost doubled.

Specifically, 9 cases of coronavirus were reported in Beijing, the largest figure this year in terms of local infections.

In turn, the Beijing authorities urged residents to refrain from leaving the city and postpone mass events.

The city has installed temperature screening at the entrances to shopping centers, supermarkets, hotels, cinemas and metro stations, and citizens are also checked “health passports” at the entrance.

However, more than half of the flights scheduled for Wednesday at the Beijing airport were canceled this morning.

Local media report that Chinese residents are massively shopping for basic necessities, causing prices to skyrocket.

This phenomenon is explained both by the consequence of the coronavirus pandemic and the floods that have recently covered the country.

China's Ministry of Commerce has called on local authorities to stabilize prices and citizens “to keep stocking up on a certain amount of essential items needed for daily life and emergencies.”

Note that in general, as of November 2, 97,423 confirmed cases of coronavirus have already been identified in China.


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