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Valieva – a snake that lured judges and people into the terrarium

Anatoly SamokhvalovCorrespondent Sport Anatoly Samokhvalov explains everything that happens with the magic of a Russian figure skater. Valieva is one of those rare snakes (referring to her image in an arbitrary program), whom the terrarium of like-minded people, as Russian coaches themselves call themselves, accepts when they are still very young and naive. In the summer of 2020, the president of the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKKR), Alexander Gorshkov, told me that Valieva, a 13-year-old junior, would skip the test skates of the junior team and perform at the adults right away. It seemed to many that she was already “appointed” the Olympic champion in 2022.

“The athlete has such a level that it makes sense for her to perform in adult competitions. Wherever possible. I think it would be right,” said Gorshkov.

But the federation is much more cunning and cynical than it might seem at first glance. Of course, its management, middle-aged and hardened in the betting game (not to be confused with the bookmaker), unofficially plans their Olympic medals ahead of time. Who will get them, for the bosses does not matter. Their business is to launch the snakes into the terrarium (already for the athletes) and watch that they do not strangle each other ahead of time. Competition must be under control. October 31, 09:35 am Figure skating Close to ideal: Kamila Valieva won Skate Canada with world records The pandemic that closed our figure skating from the rest of the world last season added value to the domestic Russian starts. On them, Valieva received the experience that she deserved both with her undisguised talent and results. It was necessary to write about Valieva even when it was impossible to present her on paper. “Champion of Russia among senior figure skaters of the youth group” is somehow clumsy and undignified.


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