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With all sorts of back thoughts

A new wave of attempts to punish for the alleged “insult to feelings” (and not only religious ones) is not just a nasty political anecdote.

And it is not just a demonstration of the growing state demand for denunciations by those who are ready to serially “be insulted” by anything.

It is also the most dangerous imitation of law enforcement, diverting attention from the inaction of the investigating authorities in situations that, unlike fake ones, are associated with real crimes and require real work.


I had to write more than once in Novaya Gazeta that Article 148 of the Criminal Code in its current (effective since 2013) edition, which punishes “insulting religious feelings”, is absurd.

And it is absurd because it is impossible in principle to “offend” feelings – only a citizen can be insulted.

And because, in principle, it is impossible to reliably determine and measure whether feelings are “offended” and to what extent: there is no such device and cannot be.

Feelings are a subjective reaction to external circumstances, and there can be no objective assessment of them, and even more so the degree of their “offense”.

However, over and over again such criminal cases arise – and, as it just happened with a couple who allegedly imitated intimate relationships against the background of St. Basil's Cathedral, lead to very real terms for something that does not pull even petty hooliganism. Or lead to detentions and handcuffs to court (as with a “blogger” who showed her buttocks in St. Petersburg against the background of Isaac) for demonstrating only the absolute lack of culture of the participants, and in the worst case deserves a small administrative fine.

Well, how can we not recall the phrase of my old friend, human rights activist and archbishop of the Apostolic Orthodox Church Grigory Mikhnov-Vaitenko that the Lord protects the feelings of believers, and not the Criminal Code?

This, however, does not limit the search for “offenders”.

A week ago, the employees of the Investigative Committee, carrying out the instructions of the head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, came to the St. Petersburg art gallery “Pig's Snout”.

What terrible crime was it about that General of Justice Bastrykin took care of it personally (and a corresponding message appeared on the ICR website)?

It turns out that a certain citizen was outraged by the painting of the famous artist Kirill Miller “The Living and the Dead”, seeing in it “the possibly offensive nature of the images of those killed in the Great Patriotic War.” After that, Mr. Bastrykin “instructed the acting. Head of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the city of St. organize an inspection and submit a report on the conducted inspection activities. “

Miller's painting, which I personally saw in this gallery, does not depict a single one who died in the Great Patriotic War. It is only in someone's fevered imagination in this picture that something offensive can be imagined in relation to those who died in this war. But the investigators came to the gallery for “verification activities”, and on social networks and in the speeches of certain odious characters, a real persecution of Cyril Miller began … with monstrous insults.

Who exactly reported on Miller's painting is unknown, but the author of the denunciation in the photo with partially bare buttocks is known – Timur Bulatov, aka Isaev.

This is a criminal previously convicted of embezzlement, who regularly writes denunciations either on representatives of the LGBT community (especially teachers, whom he literally hounded and demanded their dismissal), or on political activists going out to pickets (they were more than once detained and taken to police departments on the basis of false “reports of an offense” sent by Bulatov).

But instead of sending him to places not so distant for knowingly false denunciations, law enforcement officers take these denunciations into work.

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