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Zakharova argued with Chubais about coverage of the energy crisis in the media

MOSCOW, 4 nov. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova argued in absentia with Anatoly Chubais, special representative of the Russian president for relations with international organizations to achieve sustainable development goals, about the causes of the energy crisis and did not agree with criticism of its coverage in the Russian media. in the world and criticized the “Russian propaganda”, which shows the picture “already” as it is, focusing on the European continent. As an example, Chubais cited the thesis that the Russian media field only talks about the situation with gas prices in Europe. Chubais also noted that there were no mistakes in the planning of underground gas storage facilities in China, but the crisis is “even tougher.” “Baby talk”: Chubais harshly criticized the assessment of the energy crisis “I hope that propaganda does not mean the speech of the President of Russia, who very specifically responded to the strange accusations of some Western experts and the media that our country was allegedly involved in the rise in gas prices in the EU. the theses expressed in the president's speech, cited both in Russian and world media, are hardly appropriate “narrow” – there is both about a global change in the energy balance in the world, and about specific miscalculations of the EU-sheep in planning, “Zakharova wrote in her Telegram- She noted that there is plenty of information about the situation in China and other regions of the world in the Russian media space. “China is undergoing a global restructuring of the economy to meet carbon-free parameters. Soviet / Russian propaganda speaks and shows this, and Beijing itself makes ambitious statements at international forums,” Zakharova noted. She noted that the situation in the fall of 2021 in China has their specific reasons. “In China, the current energy realities are largely due to the rise in coal prices, which is caused not this year by the trade war with Australia, as well as a number of natural disasters in the coal-mining provinces. Asian region “, – added Zakharova. Chubais warned of change of world elites due to energy revolution


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