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Beijing protests over US inflation of “China threat”

BEIJING, 5 nov. China is protesting the United States for inflating the “Chinese threat” and unfounded criticism of the build-up of nuclear power, Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said on Friday. Earlier, the Pentagon published a report according to which Beijing could receive 700 warheads by 2027 and 1,000 by 2030 -mu. Also, the US defense department believes that China probably already has a nuclear triad, that is, a strategic force consisting of three components: strategic aviation, intercontinental ballistic missiles and submarine missile carriers. “The report (Pentagon – ed.) Is ignorant and full of prejudices. he disputes China's national defense policy and military strategy, fabricates the so-called “Chinese military threat” and unfoundedly criticizes the PRC for its nuclear buildup, “said Wu Qian, quoted in a statement on the PRC Ministry of Defense website. He pointed out that” China in this regard, expressed strong dissatisfaction and strong protest, Beijing has already made a strict presentation to the United States. “ China urges US to end manipulation of coronavirus origin


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