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Foreigners were told how they will “zero” their pensions from 2023

MOSCOW, November 5. Foreigners whose residence permit in Russia has expired or has been canceled continue to receive pensions until the new deadline for submitting documents. However, now a new register is being created, and from 2023, those whose permission to stay in the Russian Federation has expired will stop paying pensions almost immediately, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics of the RUDN University Elena Grigorieva told Prime. … The prompt zeroing of pensions to foreigners on the basis of an expired residence permit will begin in January 2023, the agency's interlocutor said. The register will also include information about foreigners entering the country and residing here temporarily and permanently. In the 2000s, the Supreme Court clarified that for elderly foreigners a prerequisite for receiving a pension is a residence permit. This document is easier and faster to obtain than citizenship and passport. The Pension Fund calculates the pension based on the documents submitted by the applicant to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and information from there does not always come on time. For this reason, now foreigners with expired documents continue to receive payments. At the same time, pensions to foreigners with a valid Russian residence permit are provided in the event of deduction of insurance contributions for an employee to the compulsory pension insurance system and when working under an indefinite contract or under a contract for a period of at least 6 months. continuously, the specialist clarified. “If a foreigner retires while in Russia, a necessary condition for granting him a pension is the fact that he worked under a formal employment contract,” the expert concluded. The Federation Council promised to increase pensions and benefits taking into account inflation


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