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Ksenia Mishina spoke about the disease due to which she ended up in a mental hospital

The actress knows firsthand what panic attacks are.

Actress Ksenia Mishina admitted that she suffered from a serious mental disorder. At the age of 18, she suffered from panic attacks, high blood pressure and apathy. Parents knocked off their feet in search of the reasons for this state of their daughter. After the examinations, Mishina ended up in a mental hospital, she needed the help of a psychotherapist, reports with reference to.

The actress believes that her health problems began due to the wrong choice in life, when, at the insistence of her parents, she became a student of an economic university.

“I sincerely did not understand why I was here. Even then, I realized that I was completely uninterested in what was happening. No university events, no good grades, no knowledge – nothing caught my attention. At some point, I caught myself thinking that I was looking at everything as if from an aquarium. I see that life goes on, but it is somewhere behind the glass, and I am in stagnant water with no hope of salvation. The world has become absolutely insipid, which, in theory, is strange for a young, 18-year-old girl. The only thought that, like a film, jammed in my head: apparently, I never have an amazing profession in which I would fully enjoy the process.
Unconsciously scrolling it in my head, I slowly plunged to the bottom of my aquarium, not showing interest even in what was behind the glass, ”writes Mishina.

At some point after drinking a cup of coffee, Xenia became ill, high blood pressure rose. The clinic was assured that it’s okay. But that day radically changed the life of the actress.

“From that day my personal hell began. Panic attacks began daily. NO ONE WILL EVER UNDERSTAND THIS STATE WITHOUT EXPERIENCING IT. It broke me, I fell ill. Literally. When my body took an upright position, it became so bad that I could not take a step. It was then that I learned what fears people have: fear of death, fear of life, fear of everything! Ambulances came to me every day and lowered my blood pressure, calming my roiling psyche, which did not want to work for me. There was no answer to a single question in my head. Emptiness. This is worse than an aquarium, this vacuum was maddening. My parents took me to hospitals, but all vital signs were normal. As a result, I ended up in a mental hospital, where the doctor said that I was not their patient and referred me to a psychotherapist, ”Mishina said.

The actress believes that her physical condition was then strongly influenced by her mental state.

Now she already knows how important it is to live in harmony with herself. Ksenia practices meditation and yoga. The actress also emphasizes that it is important to do what you love.


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