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Lukashenka said that he is trying to eat domestic products

MINSK, 5 nov. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that he is trying to eat domestic products, not foreign ones, and advised Belarusians to follow his example.On Friday in Mogilev, Lukashenko took part in the opening ceremony of the cardiac surgery and cardiotherapy buildings of the Mogilev Regional Clinical Hospital, visited a sports and recreation center, and then talked to the locals. Lukashenka jokingly complained that Putin left for Crimea without him for food only domestic products. “I have plenty of opportunities to buy some kind of import, but I have never eaten what is brought to us from abroad. Our own potatoes, carrots, and cabbage … We still produce. And meat and dairy products are the best in the world. Therefore, you should only eat your own products. This is my advice to you, “the press service quotes Lukashenko. He also advised Belarusians to go in for physical culture and sports. During the conversation, the President admitted that he does not like swimming, but it is a good sport for training the lungs, which is especially important in the face of the current coronavirus pandemic. “This is an unloved sport – swimming. But it is the most effective. When you swim, you breathe as you should. A tough sport,” the Belarusian president noted. Lukashenka urged to engage not only in swimming, but also in other active sports, preferably outdoors … “Think. Every morning, every evening a little. At least half an hour so that your lungs swell with air. In nature. The main thing is a healthy lifestyle. I tell you this from my practice. You need to confront this pandemic with a normal diet and a healthy way. Although I am not a supporter of gyms. Better outdoors, in nature, “he said. In this regard, the head of state called for more active acquisition and development of land outside the cities. “We need to actively develop empty estates. You fly over Belarus and it's just a pity. If you have a small penny, you'd better invest in this land. And you will tear children away from these gadgets,” he advised. Lukashenko invited the EAEU countries to think about food security


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