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Merkel awarded medal for outstanding service in politics

BERLIN, 5 nov. The Walter Rathenau Medal was awarded to Angela Merkel on Friday for outstanding political achievement. The award was presented to the laureate in the Deutsche Bank Atrium in Berlin. Walter Rathenau – German politician, industrialist, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Weimar Republic. The Walter Rathenau Institute annually awards a medal named after him; Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Shimon Peres, Hillary Clinton, Donald Tusk, and other politicians took part in the ceremony. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Deutsche Bank AG Karl von Rohr, Head of the Walter Rathenau Institute Hartmut A. Jung, Professor at the University of Cambridge Sir Christopher Clark, actor Christian Berkel. speeches of the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Deutsche Bank AG Karl von Rohr. He mentioned the dramatic events in Afghanistan this summer, stressing that foreign policy influence is increasingly spreading to other spheres and areas of human existence. Von Rohr called foreign policy “a particularly strong point” of Chancellor Angela Merkel, recalling her role in resolving the European crisis, as well as her ability to “seat presidents at the table” to resolve acute conflicts. He cited the words of former US President Barack Obama, who noted the “wise pragmatism” of Merkel, her constant adherence to the “moral compass in difficult decisions.” Hartmut A. Jung, head of the Walter Rathenau Institute, said about Merkel's authority, which commands “deep respect in Europe and around the world.” You have worked with four American, four French and two Russian presidents, two Chinese leaders and four British prime ministers … To some extent, you embody the modern history of Germany and international politics, “- said in his speech, referring to Merkel, the famous historian, Professor Christopher Clark. Macron thanks Merkel for what she did for Europe


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