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Merkel declared the need for dialogue with Russia

BERLIN, 5 nov. Acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the need for dialogue with Russia at the presentation of the Walter Rathenau medal in Berlin and noted that Berlin's relations with Moscow have always been special. The Walter Rathenau medal was awarded on Friday to Angela Merkel for outstanding achievements in the field of politics. The award was presented to the laureate at the Deutsche Bank Atrium in Berlin. Walter Rathenau – German politician, industrialist, foreign minister of the Weimar Republic. The Walter Rathenau Institute annually awards a medal named after him, its owners at various times were Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Shimon Peres, Hillary Clinton, Donald Tusk and other politicians. “We need to remain in dialogue with Russia,” Merkel said, noting that Germany, together with France, continue to work in the “Normandy format” on the implementation of the Minsk agreements on the Ukrainian settlement. According to her, the destabilization in Donbass and the situation around Crimea “deeply shook our European order,” but “one does not exclude the other (dialogue. – Ed.).” “Relations between Germany and Russia have always been special,” Merkel added. Lasting peace in Europe is possible only with Russia, Austrian Foreign Minister said


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