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The court fined Brigitte Bardot for racism against the residents of Reunion

PARIS, 4 Oct. A French actress and animal activist Brigitte Bardot was sentenced to a € 20,000 fine for racist remarks against the inhabitants of the overseas territory of the country – the Reunion Island, according to the France Info radio station. Previously, the prosecutor's office demanded a € 25,000 fine for the actress. Animal Aid Foundation founder Brigitte Bardot sent an open letter to the Prefect of Reunion, denouncing “the barbaric attitude the Reunions have towards animals.” In her letter, she called the inhabitants of the island “the natives who have preserved the genes of the savages.” This letter caused great outrage on the island of Réunion. Annick Girardin, who at the time served as Minister of the Overseas Territories, sent the actress an open letter stating that “racism is not an opinion, but a crime.” Bardot apologized to the people of Réunion, justifying her anger at what she considers the “tragic fate” of the animals on the island, the radio station notes. The actress has previously been prosecuted several times. So, in June 2021, a court in the French city of Arras sentenced a French actress to a fine of five thousand euros for insulting the head of the National Federation of Hunters Willie Schraen. The court fined the man who portrayed Macron in the image of Hitler


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