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The court overturns the decision on the payment of more than $ 50 billion by Russia in the Yukos case

BRUSSELS, 5 nov. The Supreme Court of the Netherlands referred for reconsideration to the Amsterdam Court of Appeal the claim of the ex-Yukos shareholders against the Russian authorities. The United States to three former major shareholders of the Yukos oil company. Today the Supreme Court overturned the final decision of the Court of Appeal, as well as the previous decision. The Supreme Court upheld one of the grounds for the appeal of the Russian Federation. <...> The rest of the grounds were rejected, “the decision, published on the website of the higher authority. The decision on Yukos should remain in force, the prosecutor of the Netherlands emphasizes that when making a decision on compensation, the appellate judges erroneously rejected the argument of Russian lawyers about the possible fraud of the company's owners.In July 2014, the arbitration court in The Hague unanimously satisfied the claim of the former majority shareholders of Yukos and ordered Russia to pay they are about $ 50 billion. Russia challenged this decision, and in April 2016 the District Court in The Hague declared it invalid. However, in February 2020, the Hague Court of Appeal ordered the defendant to pay $ 50 billion, and Russia filed a cassation appeal with the Dutch Supreme Court in May 2020. The Ministry of Justice noted that, among other things, the appellate court disregarded numerous facts of violation by the plaintiffs of the Russian anti-corruption and “anti-money laundering” regulation. The ex-shareholders are said to have taken possession of the company's assets after proven collusion, sham bidding and bribery of the officials responsible for its privatization. In addition, during the management, the former owners did not systematically pay taxes, illegally took the property of the enterprise abroad and “laundered” money, ”the department said. The case of the Yukos oil company in the Hague court


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