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The expert named the best alternative to deposits in the near future

MOSCOW, November 5. Interest rates on deposits are now not at the most attractive level, and Russians who want to increase their savings have several options available: in the near future these are dividend shares of Russian companies, corporate bonds, and also currency, the managing director for working with wealthy shared his opinion with RIA Novosti clients of “BCS World of Investments” Andrey Revenko. According to the Bank of Russia, the average maximum rate on deposits of ten Russian banks attracting the largest volume of deposits of individuals in rubles increased to 6.53% in the second decade of October (in the first decade of the month – 6, 43%). As noted by the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina, in September-October, deposit rates continue to grow, albeit at a slower pace than in previous months. According to her, the rates on deposits in the country are still not so attractive as to stimulate Russians to use this form of savings. “What is the best alternative to deposits in November 2021? Answering this question, it is worth understanding what determines the value of money within the country? Most often, economists have in mind the key rate of the Central Bank. November 2021, there will be deposits opened in December 2021 after the rate increase. However, this is not entirely true, “Revenko argues. Developed economies have long since moved away from using the deposit as an investment or savings instrument, and there are also several interesting alternatives to deposits, the expert draws attention. The lawyer explained when the bank is obliged to return the money stolen from the card Revenko explains that this is the placement of part of the assets in dividend securities of the Russian market. “The cost of energy and raw materials in the world is breaking records, of course, this gives raw material companies super-profits, which these companies share with their shareholders through dividends. Already, expectations for dividends for 2021 in many companies exceed the level of 10% per annum,” he says In addition, investments in foreign currency look interesting, according to the expert. According to the expert, if you still have not formed a foreign exchange portfolio of investments, the dollar exchange rate of about 70 rubles looks like a psychologically attractive one. Another interesting asset may be bonds of Russian companies. “I think that if the rate increases above 8% (currently 7.5%), it will be possible to find many attractive and reliable issues of large corporate bonds with a yield of more than 10%,” he suggested. the worst thing is to do nothing with your capital, as it depreciates, summed up Revenko. “An acceptable rate of return on rubles at the current moment seems to be a figure of 10% per annum and higher, which deposits do not provide,” the expert concluded. The expert told how to form an investing habit


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