GENERICO.ruWorldThe United States said that the Trump headquarters was followed on the basis of Danchenko's denunciations

The United States said that the Trump headquarters was followed on the basis of Danchenko's denunciations

WASHINGTON, 4 nov. Surveillance of the campaign headquarters of former US President Donald Trump was carried out on the basis of false denunciations by analyst Igor Danchenko, according to the indictment published in the US against him. well-developed covert collaboration “between Trump and a senior Russian official. “These allegations significantly bolstered four foreign intelligence surveillance law statements targeting Counselor 1,” the document said. foreign intelligence, which was aimed at a US citizen, an adviser to the then presidential candidate Trump, “- said in the indictment. Earlier it was reported that the surveillance was aimed at the adviser to the Trump campaign Carter Page. Trump demanded to deprive Pulitzer of the authors of articles about his ties with Russia According to the US Department of Justice, from June to November 2017, Danchenko falsely testified to the FBI five times regarding the sources of information he provided to the British firm. Danchenko's false testimony has played a key role in the FBI investigation, according to the indictment. During the 2016 election campaign, Trump's headquarters were investigated by federal authorities for possible links between him and his aides with Russia. Trump accuses the then Barack Obama administration of spying on him as a political adversary. Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who had been investigating the “Russian case” for two years already under Trump, confirmed the accusations by the special services against Russia of interfering in the elections (Moscow denies this), but did not find evidence of Trump's “conspiracy” with Russia, the existence of which is denied by both the Kremlin and Trump. The US Department of Justice has appointed Special Prosecutor John Durham to investigate potential violations during the 2016 election campaign. Previously, a native of the USSR, Danchenko said that he feared for his life and could sue Trump. The identity of the “source” of the dossier of former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele was disclosed by the American media back in July. According to them, it was analyst Igor Danchenko, who was born in Soviet times in Ukraine and grew up in Russia. After that he worked in the USA, being a specialist in Russia and Eurasia. In September, US Senator Lindsay Graham named the man behind the Donald Trump dossier “a possible Russian agent.” At the same time, he did not indicate the name of the source. Trump subsequently retweeted a message stating that Danchenko was a “Russian agent.” Danchenko stated that he was not a Russian agent. A former British agent admitted that the dossier on Trump is not entirely reliable The dossier was compiled in 2016 by Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer who, commissioned by Trump's political opponents, prepared incriminating materials on him for the Washington-based firm Fusion GPS. The dossier leaked to the press after the 2016 elections, claiming Russia had compromising evidence on Trump. The US intelligence services, which at that time were still led by Barack Obama's appointees, did not begin to either confirm or deny the content of the dossier and the greasy details that it abounded with. Trump himself has repeatedly called the dossier a fake, and the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov called the dossier a newspaper “duck.” In 2016-2017, the FBI conducted an investigation against Trump under Democratic President Obama. Investigators tried to find out if the presidential candidate was still in cahoots with the Russian authorities to win the election. Later, the same issue was investigated by independent special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who in the spring of 2019 came to the conclusion that there was no evidence of such a conspiracy. Russia and Trump have categorically denied the accusations, the US President considers them politically motivated.


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