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Doctor Komarovsky told whether it is worth taking antiviral drugs

It is important to consult a doctor before taking any medication.

When the average person experiences SARS symptoms, he asks which antiviral drugs are best. This brings the doctor Evgeny Komarovsky to tears. On his YouTube channel, he tells why it is not necessary to take antiviral drugs, reports with reference to

“SARS is the most common disease among people,” explains Komarovsky. – There are thousands of respiratory viruses, and people get sick from them regularly. Children six to 12 times a year. And that's okay.

And the human body, says Yevgeny Komarovsky, is created in such a way that it can cope with viruses on its own, without help. That is, no drugs.

But if you are used to taking supposedly antiviral drugs with every sneeze, then you have the idea that you have been cured thanks to the pills.

– When you decide to take an antiviral drug, think about it. What kind of viruses does it act against? The doctor asks. – After all, there is no one drug for all viruses.

Effective antiviral drugs exist – against influenza, HIV – but they are very toxic, and only a doctor prescribes them. So, if you get sick, do not take antiviral drugs. Because those that are advertised on TV belong to the class “you have to do something”.


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