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Mother who attacked father and son in New Moscow called him an alcoholic

MOSCOW, November 6 . The mother of the natives of Orenburg, who attacked the father and son in Novye Vatutinki, commented on the incident in an interview with Channel Five, blaming the victim for the incident. The media wrote that the instigators of the conflict were outsiders. The police started checking. The injured man stated that his four-year-old child was hit on the cheek and that one of the attackers may have had a knife. According to one of the detainees, all the instigators of the conflict are brothers, natives of Orenburg. “Were with knives”: eyewitnesses told about an attack on a family in Vatutinki As the mother of the detainees, named Marina, claims, the conflict began because of “three drunk people” who allegedly hit one of her sons on the head with a bottle. “In fact, drunks are constantly walking there. This man is a man with a black eye (meaning the victim. – Ed.) – it can be seen from him that he is a drinker. This situation also needs to be dealt with. These are three they beat a minor, “the woman said. According to her, her children” do not drink, do not smoke, do not engage in nonsense, do not go to clubs at night. ” “They are sensible children, they matured early, because I am a sick person. They are citizens of Russia, they didn’t come from somewhere,” she assured. Law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case under the hooliganism article. However, the chairman of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed to reclassify the actions of the attackers to the more serious article “Attempted Murder”, as well as to petition for the arrest of the suspects. The investigation was taken under control in the central office of the UK and the prosecutor's office. The supervisory authority will also monitor the observance of the rights of the minor. The Ministry of Internal Affairs published a video with the participants in the conflict in Novye Vatutinki


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