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Nicaraguan police do not anticipate further unrest due to elections

MEXICO, 6 nov. Nicaraguan police do not expect protests and riots in connection with the presidential elections on November 7, similar to the coup attempt in 2018 organized outside the country, Inspector General of the Nicaraguan National Police Jaime Antonio Vanegas Vega told RIA Novosti. “We do not foresee demonstrations, marches or protests. The election campaign ended on Thursday without incidents, there were no major incidents. We are also confident that we are monitoring everything necessary to avoid or prevent them from occurring, “he said. In Nicaragua, outraged at the blocking of Twitter accounts before the election the United States government, which manipulated the media and social networks to cause confusion among the population … An act of aggression by the United States in collusion with others, with international organizations that intervened or wanted to interfere in the life of our country, “the Commissioner emphasized. According to the policeman, a new coup attempt in Nicaragua is unlikely, because the key figures involved in the 2018 terrorist attacks and the financing of the riots are in prison, and the country itself is statistically the safest in Central America. “We now have several people in custody. which were pr and are involved in these terrorist attacks in 2018. Some funded them, others used it to launder money provided by the United States. They are in prison, now they are being tried, so we think it is unlikely that other people would risk repeating this, “he said. The Nicaraguan National Police claim that in the three years since the last coup attempt, not a single documentary evidence of the murder of a demonstrator by the hands of an employee has appeared. security services – according to some reports, then up to 300 people died, many with gunshot wounds, this information was actively used in the media and social networks to stir up protest sentiments. one video footage of those events, which could be said that our police forces killed a person. We have many videos and photos of terrorists who burned police officers, undressed police officers, tortured them and abducted them, but there is no evidence that the police officer killed, kidnapped or tortured a person, “Vanegas said. are used not only by the United States, but also by international organizations from the UN structure, as well as regional structures and social networks, at their discretion decisive where the truth is with regard to events in the country, and where it is not. “This is a real aggression in relation to our country. However, we were able, like our heroes and martyrs in the past, to resist this aggression and to this day we preserve this country, “Vanegas said. The presidential elections in Nicaragua, which are held every five years, will be held on November 7, in which more than ten political The ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front nominated President Daniel Ortega and his spouse, Vice President Rosario Murillo, on August 2. The latest polls show that over 70% of voters are ready to vote for them. The United States imposed restrictions on one hundred citizens of Nicaragua


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