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Rostec: the military used silent rifles at a record distance

MOSCOW, November 6. Russian military intelligence officers confirmed during the exercises the possibility of effective firing from silent special rifles Val and Vintorez at record distances of over 1 kilometer, although officially their firing range is limited to no more than 450 meters, the Rostec state corporation told RIA Novosti. “Vintorez” and “Val” use large-sized integrated silent firing devices and a cartridge of 9×39 mm caliber with a subsonic bullet velocity. “Silencers” of rifles trap most of the powder gases formed during firing, and a bullet in flight does not pass the sound barrier and does not create a harsh sound heard over long distances. As a result, the loudness of a rifle shot in an open space can be compared with a strong clapping of your hands. The “Val” automatic machine and the “Vintorez” sniper rifle developed by TsNIITOCHMASH (part of Rostec) proved the possibility of hitting targets at distances significantly exceeding the parameters set in the performance characteristics. military personnel confidently hit targets at a distance of over 1 kilometer, despite the fact that usually these weapons are used “shortly” – within 450 meters, “- said in” Rostec “. Twice the effective firing range of special weapons was confirmed during the exercise intelligence units of the combined arms army of the Eastern Military District, the corporation specified. The military trained to use standard weapons at night and at ranges exceeding standard ones. In addition to the Val and Vintorez, other weapons were also used. In Russia, completed tests of the Chukavin sniper rifle As the industrial director of the Rostec weapons complex Bekkhan Ozdoev recalled, the main purpose of Val and Vintorez is to conduct silent and flameless firing at distances of up to 450 meters in combination with a high armor-piercing effect and powerful stopping power. the capabilities of Val and Vintorez really make it possible to successfully hit targets at ranges significantly, two times higher than the official tactical and technical characteristics of the products, “Ozdoev added. Russia will create an ultra-long-range rifle under the caliber of NATO countries


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