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Drivers warned about new fines: who will receive “letters of happiness”

“Letters of happiness” that Ukrainian drivers have been receiving for over a year are reaching a new level.

If cameras on the roads only record speeding, then in the near future they will learn to recognize other traffic violations. As reported by Aleksey Beloshitskiy, First Deputy Head of the Patrol Police Department, reports with reference to.

As early as next year, the police will begin testing new complexes for automatic recording of violations. They will distinguish between road markings and traffic signals. And this will give them the opportunity to identify offenders who:

  • drive through a red light;
  • like to drive in the lane of public transport;
  • drive into the oncoming lane there , where this cannot be done.

The first test complexes for new functions will work until April 2022. And Beloshitsky urged Ukrainians to join their installation.

“I urge the communities to join this process and the development of the auto-fixing system and apply with proposals for the installation of auto-fixing cameras,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

How many cameras are on the roads

The first cameras on the roads of Ukraine began working in June 2020. According to the police, as of November 4, 2021, 236 complexes for automatic recording of traffic violations were already in operation.

By the end of the year, the police promise to bring the number of cameras to 270 units. It is planned to launch another 210 complexes in 2022, and another 100 in 2023.

According to police estimates, cameras for automatic recording of traffic violations earned about UAH 260 million on Ukrainian drivers during the year.

Other changes for drivers

Also, in the coming year, a mandatory technical inspection of vehicles should return to Ukraine. Owners of cars and caravans will pass it.

Previously, the government also made changes to:

  • rules for issuing driver's licenses;
  • rules for training drivers.


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