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The most powerful air force on the planet has been named

MOSCOW, Nov 21 . The Canadian portal Aeroemploi has compiled a list of the countries with the most powerful air forces on Earth, with the US Air Force in first place with more than 3,000 aircraft of various modifications. As the authors of the article point out, the United States has the most equipped and technologically advanced military aircraft in the world. The big war The second position on the list was taken by the Russian Aerospace Forces with 1,900 aircraft. It is noted that over 30 years Moscow was able to make a significant breakthrough in this area: the Aerospace Forces is armed with such fighters as the Su-35, Su-34. A project of the PAK DA new generation strategic bomber-missile carrier is also in development. The three most powerful air forces are closed by the Chinese aviation, formed with the help of the USSR in 1949. The Russians trained the pilots of the People's Liberation Army. In addition, both those and others were tempered in the battles of the Korean War (1950-1953), the material specifies. While the country's Air Force struggled with technology in the 1980s, it is now more efficient thanks to deep reforms, with the Indian, Egyptian, Pakistani, Turkish and South Korean Air Forces on the planet's list of the most important military aircraft. Germany, with a fleet of more than 400 aircraft, took tenth place. British media “shocked” readers with information about the Russian army


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