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The police announced two versions of the death of People's Deputy Polyakov

The investigation into the death of People's Deputy Anton Polyakov continues.

Law enforcement officials claim that they are considering both versions of death – voluntary and forced drug use, reports with reference to.

This was said by the head of the Main Department of the National Police in Kiev, Ivan Vyhovsky.

The police cannot talk about Skorokhod's testimony

The case is really resonant, today the pre-trial investigation is still ongoing. We cannot talk about Skorokhod's testimony, since it is a secret of the pre-trial investigation, Vygovsky said.

The head of the Kiev police stressed that about 20 examinations had already been carried out in the case. So far, there are results of 4 of them, so there is no reason to consider any version as the main one.

Skorokhod previously criticized the actions of the police

Previously, Polyakov's cohabitant, People's Deputy Anna Skorokhod, criticized the police statements about the politician's death. She believes that Polyakov was killed, and the version of drug use angered her.

After that, Skorokhod was summoned again for interrogation by the police. She gave testimony within 7 hours. However, the politician noted, she did not put forward any assumptions of her own.

Pay attention! Anna Skorokhod registered in the parliament a resolution on the creation of the VSK, which should investigate the case.

The main thing about the death of Anton Polyakov

  • On the night of October 8, People's Deputy Anton Polyakov was found dead in a taxi.
  • A patrol stopped a car that violated traffic rules, and noticed an unconscious passenger in the back sitting.
  • Attempts to save the life of the politician were unsuccessful.
  • According to the autopsy results, the cause of death of the People's Deputy was acute coronary insufficiency.
  • Methadone and alcohol were also found in Polyakov's blood .


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