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“Yabloko” “can not stand” anymore

On Monday, November 22, the re-registration of party members was completed at the Moscow branch of Yabloko. According to the official statement, only 240 members of the Moscow branch were registered after the procedure. Registration was denied to 189 party members, and another 488 people were considered “retired” and removed from the register, since they did not submit the documents necessary for re-registration on time. Party members removed from registration can no longer vote at Yabloko meetings, elect members of the party's governing bodies and be elected to them themselves. A Novaya correspondent talked about what is happening with the leadership of the Moscow Yabloko and those who have lost the opportunity to influence it.

Voting in the Moscow branch of Yabloko ”. Sergey Ivanenko chaired. Photo: “Apple”

Re-registration in the Moscow “Yabloko” took place from November 1 to 15. The procedure was related to the personnel reform of the party, which began to be carried out at the beginning of this year. The reform presupposes the division of party members into different groups according to the degree of involvement, in particular, the introduction of the institution of “registered” and “unregistered” party members. A supporter of the “without registration” party is deprived of the right to vote at Yabloko meetings, elect members of the party’s governing bodies and be elected to them himself. In October it became known that

support for “Smart Voting” (“UG”) and the policy of FBK * founder Alexei Navalny may be among the reasons for deregistration.

As Ivan Bolshakov, deputy chairman of the Moscow-based Yabloko, told Kommersant, the members of the party who were removed from registration could be transferred to the category of unregistered party members, its supporters, candidates for party members with a probationary period, or even expelled altogether. At the same time, the set of categories has not yet been approved, it will be discussed only at the party congress, which is scheduled for December. During the re-registration, party members also had to go through interviews to determine their compliance with the party charter.

Moscow military unit Viktor Grekhov told Novaya that interviews lasting ten minutes were conducted using Zoom. The questions were “standard”: how do you feel about “Smart Voting”, have you signed this or that open letter and have not changed your mind, what useful activities have you been doing for the party in the last two years. Kommersant's interlocutors from the Moscow-based Yabloko also add that

party members were asked questions about Crimea and the attitude towards Maksim Katz, director of the City Projects Foundation.

During the meeting of the regional council bureau, the deputy chairman of the party, the chairman of the Moscow branch, Sergei Ivanenko, said (an excerpt from the broadcast is at the disposal of the editorial office) that interviews were conducted mainly with party members on which questions arose. According to Galina Mikhaleva, a member of the regional council and chairwoman of the party commission, 107 people were able to pass it successfully. At the same time, as Ivan Bolshakov noted in a conversation with Kommersant, the revision of the status of party members was more likely associated with the cleansing of the party of supporters of Maxim Katz (the politician himself was expelled from the party at the beginning of 2020). His words are partially confirmed by the statements of both Mikhaleva and other members of the bureau.

Maxim Kats. Photo: Georgy Malets, for Novaya Gazeta

– Despite the fact that there were guidelines on how to pass our interview, people cannot consistently lie. The classic version, [when the person at the interview said] “I didn’t do anything, I transferred money to Bryukhanova and [the ex-candidate to the Moscow City Duma, supported by Maxim Katz, Peter] Karmanov and did not agree with the party leadership”. Here the recommendation is clear, – said Mikhaleva at the meeting (quoted from the video).

– This is not a story a month ago or three months ago. This story has been going on for several years, ”Ivanenko noted in a discussion of the interaction between Yabloko members and Katz's supporters.

– In fact, we have run out of patience, and we come to a decision to demonstrate that we are a political party, and not a club of lovers of anyone else.

According to a press release from the Moscow “Yabloko” , it was possible to lose the status of a registered party member under several conditions:

  • lack of activity in the party over the past two years;
  • support in the election campaigns in 2021 of the rivals of candidates for deputies nominated party, as well as voting for the rivals of the “apple” candidates;
  • signing open letters in which, along with criticism of the activities of the party and its leadership, to which any member of the Yabloko democratic party has the right, contains lies that discredit the party, causing political and reputational damage to it;
  • violation of the provisions of the charter party.

Among the members of the party removed from registration were also Moscow mundeps, in particular, the municipal deputy of the Ramenki district, Maxim Gongalsky, and the head of the Gagarinsky municipal district, Elena Rusakova. As Rusakova told Novaya Gazeta, other Moscow uniforms were also removed from registration under her: Grigory Tolkachev, Viktor Grekhov and Vasily Dikarev. According to the We Can Explain telegram channel, about 15 Moscow uniforms have “dropped out” from the Moscow Yabloko.

Elena Rusakova at a picket in the center of Moscow. Photo: Svetlana Vidanova/Novaya Gazeta

The municipal deputy of the Levoberezhny district, Viktor Grekhov, says that his story is not very different from others. Mundep joined the party at the behest of Maxim Katz, took part in the process of its renewal to the best of his ability, signed letters sent to the party leadership after “strange” articles and an interview with the party's founder, Grigory Yavlinsky.

– I took part in the “interview” before re-registration, everything that I said there, then in a distorted form was presented at yesterday's meeting Mikhaleva. The formal reason for the withdrawal is the support of “Smart Voting”, although during the interview I explained quite extensively how I feel about “UG”. I will dispute if the process is massive. It makes no sense on its own, – explains Sin to Novaya.

For Maxim Gongalsky, the deregistration was unexpected. As the municipal deputy jokes, he himself is not completely sure that he was removed from the register, since only the members of the bureau had lists of those who had “dropped out”. The deputy claims that he timely sent a request for re-registration, but after that no one called him for an interview. The party only sent a link to a remote meeting of the regional council bureau, where he heard that he was being deregistered.

– Deregistration means depriving a party member of the right to vote when choosing governing bodies. Now the current leadership of the Moscow branch authorities will expire in just a week. New ones will be elected. The current leadership is denying registration to party members so that they cannot vote against him, Gongalsky is sure.


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