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Named the main danger of COVID-19 with varicose veins

MOSCOW, Nov 26 COVID-19 is especially dangerous for people with varicose veins, since it is highly likely to provoke thrombosis in them, phlebologist surgeon Armen Avakyan warned in an interview with Sputnik radio. He gave advice on how to reduce the risk. Coronavirus infection can lead to complications such as thrombosis, which doctors have long figured out. At the same time, the veins affected by varicose veins are more at risk of blood clots than initially healthy vessels, Avakyan said. “If a person has varicose veins and has had a coronavirus, there is a high risk of developing deep vein thrombosis and thrombophlebitis, which we meet regularly. live a hundred years with varicose veins, and no thrombophlebitis and thrombosis are formed. But this (varicose vein. – Ed.) is like a time bomb, at any moment it can become thrombosed, a blood clot can come off, “he said. increased thrombus formation after coronavirus infection leads, in particular, to thickening of the blood. Therefore, doctors almost always prescribe blood thinning drugs to patients who have undergone COVID-19, the phlebologist surgeon noted. It is especially important for people with varicose veins to take these drugs. The cardiologist called the first symptom of a thrombus separation “After coronavirus infection, it is advisable for almost all patients to start anticoagulant therapy – from two weeks to a month. These are blood thinning drugs in preventive doses: you can take pills, you can take injections. If a person does not have acute ulcers, then there are no contraindications, but it is better to consult a doctor, “Avakyan added. He explained why the formation of a blood clot can lead to the death of a person.” A thrombus from the saphenous vein can “fly away” into the deep femoral vein. Thus, a pulmonary embolism is formed. The thrombus breaks off and enters the heart, into the pulmonary artery, and this is fatal, “the doctor noted. Tragic consequences can be avoided if in time start treatment for varicose veins, he continued. Better yet, take care of disease prevention. To do this, you can wear compression hosiery of the second compression class, Avakyan advised. According to him, this measure is worth thinking about people who have to stand or sit for a long time, for example, at work. As for the prevention of coronavirus infection, vaccination is the only reliable way to prevent infection. The cardiologist told how to independently determine the formation of a blood clot


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