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Scholz considers a breakthrough when a government led by the SPD came to power in Germany

BERLIN Dec 4th The future chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Olaf Scholz, called the coming to power of the new German government headed by the Social Democrats a “breakthrough.” Earlier, the Social Democratic Party of Germany, the Union 90/Greens party and the liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP) presented a coalition agreement in Berlin, on the basis of which the future Cabinet will work, headed by Chancellor Scholz, the first Social Democrat to head the German government with times of Gerhard Schroeder. “We headed the government for a long time, with (German Chancellors) Willie Brandt, Helmut Schmidt. It was a great time marked by the social-liberal coalition in Germany. the election of the Social Democrat Schroeder as the German Chancellor by the German Bundestag in 1998. “It was also a great moment, including for me personally, because I was not only excited, together with all the Social Democrats, whether it would be possible to do this, but also because that I became a member of the German Bundestag for the first time, one of the few young people at all, and we were very proud of that. There are many more of them, but this was also a breakthrough for our party and for our country, it should work out again, “said the future chancellor to the applause of the gathered party members. Scholz explained the introduction of new restrictions in Germany due to the coronavirus. The decision that Olaf Scholz will become the candidate for Chancellor of Germany from the Social Democratic Party of Germany was made in a very narrow circle of the party leadership in this Berlin. at the extraordinary congress of the party, the future chancellor himself said: “I thank you in a very special way, because it was you who sat with me in a nice restaurant not far from (the headquarters of the Social Democratic Party of Germany in Berlin) Willy Brandt House, where we unnoticed … made the decision that I should become a candidate for chancellor. We went on vacation, no one was told about it, no one knew for sure, and after that everything happened. It was our merit, thank you, “Scholz said at the congress in Berlin, addressing the party leadership. ” His girl “,” mom “and the car. What legacy will Angela Merkel leave


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