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The right was sentenced at HSE

The Higher School of Economics continues to fire professors who have been recognized as the best by students for many years. This time, the university canceled contracts with professors of the Faculty of Law – Sergei Pashin and Gennady Esakov. Pashin is a retired federal judge, one of the authors of the concept of the jury in Russia and the author of the 1991 Constitutional Court law. Esakov, Doctor of Law, has repeatedly, like Pashin, been recognized by the students of the Faculty of Law as the best teacher, was included in the list of the best Russian lawyers, according to the American legal rating Best Lawyers.

According to the professors, they left the university against their will. But they cannot name the reason – according to the terms of the labor agreement. The Novaya's special correspondent understands how colleagues and students of professors reacted to the dismissals.

Sergey Pashin, retired federal judge, teacher. Photo: “Advokatskaya Street”

“Sergei Anatolyevich was given to speak with students”

Sergey Anatolyevich Pashin is one of the main specialists in criminal law in Russia. In the 90s, Pashin was one of the leading developers of the concept of judicial reform in the country. He headed the department of judicial reform of the State Legal Department of the President. He took part in the development of many bills, including becoming the author of the 1991 Constitutional Court Law. He worked as deputy head of the legal department of the State Duma apparatus. Thanks to Pashin's initiative, the institution of the jury was revived in Russia.

In 1996, he became a judge of the Moscow City Court.

Ilya Shablinsky

Doctor of Law, member of the Moscow Helsinki Group

– Sergey Anatolyevich Pashin is a versatile specialist, says Ilya Shablinsky, Doctor of Law, a member of the Moscow Helsinki Group . – He was a good judge. He had a good reputation. He had to enter into a rather difficult relationship with the chairman of the Moscow City Court (as Pashin's colleagues say, twice because of conflicts with Olga Egorova, who headed the Moscow City Court from 2000 to 2020, he was deprived of his judicial powers, but he did not speak about the conflict. – Ed. ), and he fought as best he could. Pashin is one of the authors of the concept of the jury trial.

Not many lawyers at our university had such an experience – the experience of a judge. And Pashin had it. And I don't know who did more than him.

As far as I understand, for Kuzminov (Yaroslav Kuzminov is the founder and first rector of the Higher School of Economics. – Ed. ) it was important that Pashin was an acting judge, that he wrote laws. All this was important to our former rector.

Ilya Shablinsky was Pashin's colleague not only in the Faculty of Law at the Higher School of Economics and participation in the Moscow Helsinki Group, but also in membership in the Presidential Council for Human Rights.

– At the HRC, Sergei Anatolyevich and I were in a group of like-minded people. They always voted the same. In 2019, as head of the electoral rights commission, I supported the candidates who were refused to register under a false pretext (during the election campaign for the Moscow City Duma deputies – Ed. ). It was, of course, such a sneaky campaign when, in fact, the authorities abandoned an honest political struggle. Pashin supported me as much as he could, although he was on a different commission.

In 2008, Pashin came to the Faculty of Law at HSE. And from 2011 to 2021, students annually recognized him as the best teacher.

– Sergei Anatolyevich is a favorite teacher, – continues Ilya Shablinsky. – We are fighting for authority and reputation among students. Imagine, I managed to get the title of “Best Teacher” five times. And Sergey Anatolyevich – 11 times. This is a record for our faculty. This year he was also recognized as the best teacher. He read lectures very interestingly, knew how to sincerely talk with students. Spiritually intelligent. This is not given to all teachers, not all of them can. But Sergei Anatolyevich was given.

At the end of November 2021, it becomes known that Sergei Pashin has been fired from the Higher School of Economics. But she cannot comment on the reasons.

Tamara Morshchakova

Doctor of Law, Retired Deputy Chairman of the Constitutional Court

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– He simply announces the essence of the decision, – explains Tamara Morshchakova, Doctor of Law, Deputy Chairman of the Constitutional Court, retired . – He says that he was dismissed with the termination of the employment contract by agreement parties and that this was done at the initiative of the administration, which was persistent. That is, they were forced. He will not go to courts. No way, he just promised it. He behaves in an eminently dignified manner. They both [Esakov and Pashin] took this position. I understand that this is due to the fact that they do not give up the prospects of continuing their professional professorship. Otherwise, they will interfere, it's obvious. While they are fighting for the profession.


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