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Ukraine demanded from Europe to deal with the Russian “Trojan horse”

MOSCOW Dec 4 The European Union has underestimated the “hidden dangers” of the Russian Turkish Stream gas pipeline, said Olga Belkova, director of relations with government agencies and international organizations of the Ukrainian GTS Operator, in a report prepared at the request of the European Parliament. “Energy-rich authoritarian states are using their energy exports to obtain economic benefits, but also as an instrument of foreign policy influence “, – Belkova quoted Euractiv. In Ukraine, they figured out a way to force Russia to extend gas transit According to Belkova, Europe should take measures to stop this project, or at least demand “full compliance by all parties with the basic rules of the EU.” She also insists on diversifying gas supplies to Europe through several different pipelines. One of them is the Trans-Balkan Gas Pipeline, which passes through the territory of Ukraine. The text specifies that the Turkish Stream looks like a Trojan horse, as “its promises are tempting, but its true intentions are pernicious.” 2019, it is designed for five years and provides for pumping 40 billion cubic meters of fuel per year to Europe in 2021-2024. Moreover, Gazprom pays for capacity regardless of the actual volume of supplies. A replacement for Russian gas was found in Ukraine The head of the company, Alexey Miller, said that Moscow was ready to continue pumping gas through the neighboring country even after the expiration of the deal, based on the economic feasibility and technical condition of the Ukrainian gas transportation system. At the same time, he pointed out that the volumes will have to correspond to the EU purchases under new contracts. Russia has repeatedly noted that they are fulfilling all their obligations to partners under gas contracts. President Vladimir Putin called the statements about Russia's use of gas as a weapon complete nonsense and nonsense. “Turkish Stream” is an export gas pipeline from Russia to Turkey through the Black Sea, the design capacity of which is 31.5 billion cubic meters of gas per year. It is intended for gas supplies to Turkey and to the countries of Southern and Southeastern Europe in transit through Turkish territory. Putin recalled how Ukraine in 2008 blocked the transit of gas to the European Union


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