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Arriving from countries with “omicron” lost two hours at the airport

MOSCOW, Dec 5 Mandatory testing for COVID-19 in connection with the emergence of a new strain of “omicron” led to congestion at Sheremetyevo airport and added about two hours to the total travel time for arrivals from London, RIA Novosti reports. free testing is organized at Russian airports for those arriving from countries that are “risky to import the omicron strain.” These are South Africa, neighboring African states, China, Great Britain, and later – countries where the omicron will be found. Aeroflot flight SU 2583 landed at Terminal C Sheremetyevo on Sunday at 01.19 Moscow time Passengers were asked to stay in their seats for thermometry, which is not done on “regular” flights, and also warned about a mandatory express test for arriving from the UK in connection with the emergence of a new strain of “omicron”. After 30-40 minutes, passengers were brought by bus to the terminal, but they were not allowed out due to the long queue inside the hall, where There was no sanitary control. After some time, passengers were allowed to pass from the bus to the hall, and a huge queue formed there. On tour – with a QR code. How to travel now according to the new rules First, the control was carried out by Rospotrebnadzor, checking the questionnaires for arrivals, and then six doctors at three tables conducted express testing. The test results, which appeared two minutes later, were announced by speakerphone, each passenger was assigned an individual number. The testing itself was carried out. quickly, but in total, the entire procedure from arrival to departure took almost two hours. The World Health Organization, following an emergency meeting at the end of November, decided to classify the new variant of the coronavirus found in South Africa as causing concern. WHO named the new strain B.1.1.529 by the Greek letter omicron. Many countries, after the discovery of omicron, banned foreigners from South Africa and neighboring countries from entering. In other countries, the PCR test has been made compulsory for all arrivals. In the UK, this restriction will take effect on December 7. November 30, 11:15 am


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