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Deputies of United Russia will meet with Gunzburg

MOSCOW, Dec 5 Meeting of deputies of the United Russia intra-factional group with the director of the Gamaleya Research Center Alexander Gunzburg will be held on Monday, parliamentarians plan to discuss the omicron strain, as well as vaccines, the head of the EP group Adalbi Shkhagoshev told RIA Novosti. We want to discuss vaccines and, in general, a whole range of issues within the factional group, “- said Shkhagoshev. As the politician specified, government bills on the introduction of mandatory QR codes in public places and on transport are not planned to be discussed.” Everything related to the vaccine is very interesting for the deputies. We have many meetings related to covid and various measures, but one way or another, we want to learn everything from a person who is a scientist, “he stated. Gunzburg dispels three common myths about coronavirus


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