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Finnish President told what is important in relations with Russia

LONDON, Dec 5 Finnish President Sauli Niiniste believes that the most important thing in relations with Russia – do not ignore her interests; he is also convinced that the Russian leadership does not forget a respectful attitude. newspaper Sunday Times.

According to the newspaper, here Niiniste mentioned the former mayor of Finnish Turku Juhani Leppä, who met with the current Russian President Vladimir Putin in the early 1990s. According to Niiniste, the Russian leader has never forgotten Leppä's respectfulness and is still inviting him to Moscow. At the same time, the Finnish President noted, speaking about relations with the Russian Federation, that his country has a “history” saying that “The Cossack takes everything that is bad.” In this regard, Niiniste pointed out the need to “be firm in our position.” The Finnish leader also touched on the topic of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy. “Of course, they say they want to ensure the security of the Murmansk region, that they are building up and strengthening their defenses. But, as we all know, the sea is infinite in size. Where does the defense begin and how far does it extend? strategic, and I have no doubt that the Russians understand this very well and even use it, “Niiniste told the British newspaper. Russia has repeatedly denied accusations of the West in” aggressive actions “, stating that it does not threaten anyone and is not going to attack anyone . The Foreign Ministry praised the policy of military non-alignment of Finland and Sweden


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