GENERICO.ruCrimeIn Dnipro, a 10-year-old girl with acute bronchitis asked for alms for medicines

In Dnipro, a 10-year-old girl with acute bronchitis asked for alms for medicines

The girl's mother was drunk.

An unfortunate story from the police from Dnipro … Law enforcement officers found a girl on the street asking people for money for medicines, reports with reference to Channel 24.

And all because she came home and found her mother drunk. Therefore, she could not get help, although she was sick with bronchitis.

A girl in Dnipro asked for alms for medicines against cough

A man turned to the Dnipro police and said that he saw on the street & nbsp; a 10-year-old girl, & nbsp; asked for money for medicines.

An indifferent eyewitness called the law enforcement officers to the hospital, where he took the girl on his own – & nbsp; because she coughed very badly.

The child told law enforcement officers that:

  • He came home from school feeling unwell, but did not receive help there – & nbsp; mother was drunk.
  • The child did not have money, and therefore he went out into the street to ask people for help for medicines that he was going to buy at the pharmacy.

Doctors after examining the girl confirmed acute bronchitis with suspected pneumonia and was immediately hospitalized.

Please note: & nbsp; mothers were told where their daughter was, but they also called a juvenile prevention worker, & nbsp; to document the situation.

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